Love to Work is a process for productivity and fulfillment based on scientifically proven methods.

Love to Work helps to foster a community through online tribes that allow you to live the life and work of your dreams.  There is a 3 Step process that each Love to Work member goes through that helps them gain clarity on who they are and want they want in life.  Love to Work helps them to get closer to those dreams and goals each day.  

If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer or even an employee working mostly alone, isn't it timed you find your tribe that will support you in getting to the place you want to be?  

The Results Are In and They Aren't Good!

The statistics are dismal.  

83% of workers in America are unengaged

Most don't have a good friend at work

75% of people trust strangers more than their boss

30% of employees are actively looking for a better job

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Rise Above the Average


Clarity On Your Life Purpose

Get clarity on your life purpose and a plan and strategy to achieve it.  


A Tribe to Help You Fulfill Your Dreams

What are you goals and dreams?  Payraise? Lose some weight? More Energy?  Your Own Business?  You are in the right place.  



Daily Accountability to pursuing the job and life you want

Accountability and a tribe make your 78% more likely to achieve your goals than going it alone.


Optional Weekly Training to help you Uplevel at work and as a human being

Optional Weekly Training in the most important areas for you.  You can show up live or digest this on your own time frame.

Get instant access to the LOVE to Work Life Transformation Planner now!

The Life Transformation Planner is scientifically proven to change your life even as it helps to make you more productive.  


The Love to Work Manifesto 

We believe when a Business Owner Wins the whole team wins

We believe when employees love to work productivity and happiness increase 

We believe nearly every SME can double in profits without significant staff increases

We believe everyone can improve

We believe values are more important than skills (but skills are necessary) 

We believe a business should improve the lives of employees 

We believe the best leaders are servants 

We believe winning feels good

We believe when a business wins everyone enjoys life more

We believe all employees should receive regular coaching

We believe work can be fulfilling and rewarding if there is clarity and accountability 

We believe business owners, managers, and executives must receive regular coaching

We believe everyone should be accountable for activities and results to someone

We believe when we understand and connect with one another life is better

We believe toxic leaders suck- Literally; they suck life, health, and energy from their team

We believe you have to be teachable to grow

We believe every team member should tweak their job for maximum happiness 

We believe when we tweak our jobs for maximum happiness, maximum productivity results

We believe discipline brings freedom

We believe decisions should be pushed as close to the problem as possible 

We believe in developing everyone at all levels of the business

We believe the #1 key to an individual’s sustained success is to stop doing things you don’t like doing.  

We believe in managing energy more than time

We believe in doing less, then obsess 

We believe clear vision (goals) and discipline in execution = success 

We believe organizational health is a force multiplier of collective smarts 

We believe organizational health trumps smart people over time

We believe everyone must be able to engage in real conversations around real issues for the team to be healthy 

We believe the greatest leaders have the smallest ego

We believe the best leaders have the biggest ambitions, channeled through the company or organization

We believe we should be bold in vision, strategic in planning, disciplined in execution 

We believe that believing in others is one of the most powerful forces in the universe

We believe you get what you measure and incentivize 

We believe gratitude changes our attitude

We believe feedback and reflection open the door to personal transformation.  

We believe bad leaders can ruin great people and great leaders can pull the best out of average performers. 

Download the Love to Work

Life Transformation Planner

The Love to Work Life Transformation Planner helps you:

  1. 1
    Mindset. In the Awesome Morning Blueprint section you'll write down the things that you want to do each day.  For me it looks like this: Awesome Morning Blueprint: Water > Bible > Prayer > Journal > BE DO HAVE > Daily Inspiration > Big 3 > Plan Day > Exercise > Floss.  Yours will be customized to help you start your day off right.  Also, you are practicing the BIG 3 each day.  Gratitude, Expectations and Intentions.
  2. 2
    Actionable, Concrete Plan.   I actually recommend printing it off and using a pen to write down your plan for the day.  For most people just the act of writing it with a pen on paper helps them to increase their productivity tremendously.  If you prefer to use the PDF version on your device or computer that is fine too.
  3. 3
    Focus   The Life Transformation  Planner is part of a larger Productivity Suite but this alone ensures that you are working on the most Important things including you Most Important Task (MIT) each day that will move you closer to your goals each and every day.
  4. 4
    Execution   You still have do the work and fight the resistance you will no doubt face if you are trying to do something great but the Life Transformation Planner gives you a huge head start in actually getting things done.  
  5. 5
    Evaluation   At the end of the day 90 seconds cane make a huge difference in your life as you take the time to celebrate magic moments from the day and think about what you could have done better.  It helps to keep you int eh tension of celebrating what is going well and thinking about how you can improve next time.

Free Download
The Love to Work Life

Transformation Planner

The Love to Work Life Transformation Planner will help you no matter where you are at.  You will probably experience and immediate boost in attitude and productivity using it but the real change will come over time.  

"What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while."

Buddy Rathmell  //  Founder

Hi, I am Buddy and we have started Love to Work with some pretty lofty ambitions.  We want to make the world a better place by making people's lives better at work.  There are some tweaks to make and some skills to gain but just about anyone can Love to Work.

Buddy Rathmell


Eric Ford

"We initially brought Buddy in to do a half day coaching training session with our executive leadership team. We were so impressed, we brought him back for a 1-day annual planning meeting. He was able to draw out of us in five hours what we had not been able to do ourselves in 6 years. Our team was reignited by the new strategy to reach our vision and implemented those changes over the last year. You won't go wrong bringing in Buddy for your Annual & Quarterly Strategy Meetings."

Eric Ford  //  Cru International

Mark Plummer 

"Buddy is an amazing facilitator which is why I bring him to help me with my own team each and every year. He has moved from advisor to friend and I actually consider him an extension of my own team. This year, in addition to the team building, strategic planning, and Birkman consultations, I asked him to emcee an event and give the opening address on the final day.  He always delivers.  I can't recommend him highly enough."

Mark Plummer  //  BAM Training Director

John Reimer

"I loved having Buddy as an advisor. The Birkman was so clear and helpful I had my wife and our church staff take the assessment as well. One very practical impact in my life resulted in our moving to a different home.
The Birkman made it very clear that I am 'Energized' by beauty and our Ocean view has been so helpful to us every day. I loved the insight Buddy and the Birkman have provided.
Highly recommended!"


FREE Training Webinar

How to Transform so you can reach your dreams and goals and live without regrets.  

People often think they just need another little piece of knowledge or the right tactic to change their life.  The reality is you need Transformation not another Tactic.  This free training Webinar will show you how you can speed up the Transformation process in your own life.  You can Transform quicker and easier than you might think and also requires doing things a little differently, and probably with less pain, than you have done in the past.  

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